Am I Gay? Understanding Same-Sex Attraction

Distressing Attractions

If you’re a Christian who experiences distressing same-sex attractions, you’re not alone, and there is Help. Many Christians have asked themselves the question “Am I gay?” We will journey with you to answers. Together we’ll gain understanding about your experience and discover a satisfying life consistent with your faith.

How we understand homosexuality and same-sex attractions.

The Relationship Center maintains the same stance towards marriage and understanding of same-sex attractions as Focus on the Family. We believe that God created marriage to be a monogamous covenant between one man and one woman for one lifetime. Departures from this plan are outside the scope of God’s design for our sexuality.

Sexual Identity Therapy (SIT)

Sexual Identity Therapy Framework (SITF)

The sexual identity therapy framework provides a means of addressing sexual orientation, religion and values within a supportive approach to counseling and therapy. Warren Throckmorton and Mark Yarhouse are the authors of the framework.


Sexual identity conflicts are among the most difficult faced by individuals in our society and raise important clinical, ethical and conceptual problems for mental health professionals. Mark Yarhouse and Warren Throckmorton present a framework and recommendations for practice with clients who experience these conflicts and desire therapeutic support for resolution. These recommendations provide conceptual and empirical support for clinical interventions leading to sexual identity outcomes that respect client personal values, religious beliefs and sexual attractions. Four stages of sexual identity therapy are presented incorporating assessment, advanced informed consent, psychotherapy and sexual identity synthesis. The guidelines support the resolution of identity conflicts in ways that preserve client autonomy and professional commitments to diversity.


Mark Yarhouse

Warren Throckmorton

Institute for the Study of Sexual Identity (ISSI)

Sexual Identity Therapy


SIT framework in the 2009 APA report on sexual orientation and therapy

In August, 2009, the American Psychological Association released a report on sexual orientation and psychotherapy (click link for the report). The APA discouraged psychologists from promising sexual reorientation and called for psychologists to work with clients within clients’ valuative framework. The sexual identity therapy framework was referenced favorably and prominently throughout the document. When reading/searching the report, look for Throckmorton & Yarhouse (2006) which is the reference to the SITF.